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Just a little bigger than an iPhone 6, the Sample the City Savings Guide will fit in your pocket and tag along with you as you go around town, finding all kinds of places to explore and return to, serving as a treasure map to the sites that you can redeem its offers, and a guide to visit the local gems featured in its articles and ads. Best of all, it’s for a good cause and it’s supporting local businesses… so you can shop 100% guilt free!

Give a little… get a lot!

The “Savings Guide” is filled with generous offers and inspiring stories from the business owners and nonprofits at work in our community. Open up to page after page of ways to give and ways to save in your neighborhood. You’ll be sure to see some of your favorite places and organizations, and discover some you never knew were here!

The coupons in the Savings Guide are valid through April 15th, 2018 unless labeled otherwise. This means that if you order now, you can save on shopping local for 8 months!

This booklet was put together with the highest standard for quality, content, and design. Only locally owned businesses are included in this publication. ‍‌To say that it was “made with love” is is not enough. It was made with the love and belief of many. Through every stage of production, Sample the City has received tremendous support from the participating businesses and nonprofits. We are so proud of the result and excited to share it with you.

For every book sold, 50% of the sale price goes directly to the nonprofit partner of your choice.